Theleme Ensemble Basel

Amour et Mars


"Amour et Mars" highlights the many links between two major composers of the Renaissance: Clément Janequin opens the 16th century, Claude Le Jeune closes it, opening the way to the beginnings of the Baroque. As if passing the relay, Clément Janequin was inspired by an earlier work to compose "le chant de l'alouette" for three and then four voices. Claude Le Jeune re-used this song by adding an extra voice and composing new parts. This is how the lark circulated from the 14th to the 17th century. Many works link the two composers. 


This programme was recorded in May 2018 and will be published in corproduction with SRF2 Kultur on the Coviello Classics label in spring 2019.


Annie Dufresne, soprano
Julien Freymuth, altus
Lior Leibovici, ténor
Ivo Haun, ténor et luth
Breno Quinderé, baryton
Jean-Christophe Groffe, basse et direction
Ziv Braha, luth et viole de gambe
Alexandra Polin, viole de gambe
Elizabeth Rumsey, viole de gambe
Tore Eketorp, viole de gambe
Ryosuke Sakamoto, luth et viole de gambe