Theleme Ensemble Basel

 Baisiez Moy - Josquin Desprez



Josquin Desprez, icon of pop culture? Josquin was one of the greatest composers of his time, the author of sacred and secular music and works for court and city. The ensemble thélème presents here a bold and original interpretation of some of Josquin’s songs, combining the language of the Renaissance with very different sounds – ondes Martenot, Fender Rhodes piano, Buchla synthesizer – to create a lively and astonishingly fertile dialogue, perfectly in keeping with the spirit of Josquin Desprez. Five hundred years after his death, this album pays tribute to a groundbreaking composer, whose innovations inspire us to this day.


Press review

Julien Freymuth, altus
Lior Leibovici, ténor
Ivo Haun, ténor
Jean-Christophe Groffe, basse et direction
Ziv Braha, luth
Ludovic Van Hellemont, Fender Rhodes, ondes Martenot
Elizabeth Rumsey, viole de gambe
Alexandra Polin, viole de gambe

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